About ME


 Tiffany Jones was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica.  She moved to the United States one week shy of her 21st birthday.  Tiffany is the mother of 3 beautiful children and lives in Atlanta, GA. Although she didn't begin her acting career until later in life,  Tiffany has always had a dream of pursuing a career in the Arts.  While pursuing her dream of officially beginning her acting journey, Tiffany worked in different fields or work, such as Mortgage, Administrative Assistant, Service Desk Analyst, Travel Agent and Customer Service Rep.  Once she decided to pursue her love for the Arts, she began training with seasoned Emmy Award Winning Actor/Writer GregAlan William.  She is currently training with Award Winning Actress/Singer, Christine Horn and ACCREDITED Chubbuck Technique Coach Jonna Johnson (Internationally Recognized Acting/Lifestyle and Life Coach).  Tiffany made her television debut as being a feature in Saints and Sinners. She has appeared in Films such as Black Girls Die Too and Denied Unemployment.  So much more to come because Tiffany is just beginning.

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